What Makes a Successful Website

Successful Website
By Webemia

Successful Website

For a website to live up to its potential, it must attract the right audience, and in the right numbers. It must also be easy to use and compelling enough to engage and to keep visitors’ attention.

In addition, the site should work on a range of devices. Otherwise, it will only reach a fraction of its possible audience, so it cannot reach its potential.

A successful web-site must also sell. Every site has a purpose, which should be to generate action by the visitor. A site that sells is one that generates that action, whether it is to buy, to sign up, or just to read.

How will you know how well your website achieves its goals, unless you measure them? So tracking traffic, the flow through funnels, and conversions, is all a part of web design. If a website does not do all these things, you cannot say you have right web design. If the graphics have been designed to fulfill a purpose, but the search engine marketing, accessibility, usability and conversion optimization have not, you do not have a web design, you have some graphic design on the web.

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