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Successful Web Design Projects Begin with Strong Project Scoping


Whether you are a firm selling website design or a company procuring these services, you should establish a clear baseline for any project as it is a critical part of any successful project.

After executing hundreds of website design projects one thing is clear – success begins and ends with strong expectations management because it is the prime component of quality web design and development.

The better the job one does in scoping the project with the client in the sales process, the happier everyone is throughout the project execution and go-live. The client knows what is going to happen and the team knows what needs to happen.
This produces cohesiveness and a sense of calm for all parties involved.

The core function of establishing clear expectations is executing a strong process for project scoping. If the deliverable are clearly defined and they align with a formal development plan, the client and developer are in sync and the project is on a path for success.

The more we communicate and document requirements within scoping, the more smoothly the project management and execution flows.

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